Memoir Health was a venture backed digital-health startup that provided multidisciplinary chronic pain care.

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2017 - 2020
The story behind Memoir
Helen Shang and I met in 2016 while building a non-profit accelerator for mental health startups. Our personal experiences culminated in a shared belief that much of the innovation in digital health failed to help patients with higher acuity conditions. 50M Americans live with chronic pain, where bandaid solutions of surgeries and injections have trivial sustained outcomes.

The problem was not a matter of inventing a new modality of care, but rather making multidisciplinary, evidence-based care accessible, affordable and scalable.

The focus of our development process was designing an experience that balanced the pain points of patients, providers and payers. This meant streamlining a fragmented care model of behavioral health, physical therapy, and medication management into something a bit more cohesive.

We created a pricing model with value-based bundled rates contracting directly with insurers, allowing us to tailor care based on clinical efficacy - not reimbursement.

A hybrid on-site, at-home model allowed us to reach more patients and lower costs. Dynamic staffing to ensure appropriately match clinicians to case load.

Machine learning platform focused on clinical decision support for the management of polypharmacy, partially automating one of the most fluid and time consuming tasks for providers.
In Spring 2020, Memoir became a part of Lumeo Health.
Is this what the end looks like? Yes, yes it does.
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