Mansoor Alam

HI! I'm Mansoor Alam

I Build| Break Things

Boston, MA

Mansoor Alam.

A Words & Numbers Person

Some Skills

Spoken Language Analytics / NLP
Machine Learning
Python / R
Data Engineering

I can be social.

Who Am I?

I am a Data Scientist currently based in Boston working in healthcare.

I have passion for building things, learning things, and asking more questions than answers I’ll ever receive. My current interests lie in predictive modeling, cognitive computing and computational linguistics. My research has primarily focused on network modeling and applications of machine learning with audio and text data, as well as probabilistic models of concept acquisition in early human development.

I also moonlight in publishing, running a small print firm recently contracting with Les Éditions de Minuit for the official translation and publication of Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel's The Night.

Previously I wore many hats as the founder and director of The Enough Foundation, an NGO focused on building out institutional infrastructure for education in areas of Pakistan, among other projects. In this role I was the recipient of a number of awards and grants, received recognition by leaders such as Hillary Clinton and was a member of numerous State Department initiatives, acted as a non-consulting representative to the United Nations, and had the wonderful opportunity to speak around the world.


Education and Experience


Economics, Psychology (concentration in Cognitive Science)

Undergraduate Tutorial (Thesis) - advised by Dr. Pavel Oleinikov

Computational Modelling of Language Acquisition in Bayesian Frameworks: How To Teach A Robot Finnish

Wesleyan University

2011 - 2015


Senior Data Scientist

My work currently spans special projects in applications of machine learning and predictive modeling with highly unstructured text and audio data, as well as influence mining and design of social network and graph models.


2015 - present

Head Tutor & Researcher

Lead a group of 5 students that assist students, faculty, and campus research labs in different computational skills and languages.

Scientific Computing & Informatics Center

2012 - 2015

Founding Owner

A 'full-stack' NGO publishing house taking manuscripts to print, production and market. Current project is official Indonesian translation of Night by Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel.

Fort Box Media

2011 - Present


An education oriented NGO working to improve accessibility to education in impoverished areas of Pakistan

The Enough Foundation

2009 - 2016

What I work with

But more than you really care to know.


scikit-learn, Theano, Keras, Pandas, Numpy, matplotlib. 

Big Data Tools

Recently - Spark, Mahout, Hive and ElasticSearch. Doing all the things in-memory when possible.

Web Development

Flask, Apache/LAMP,  MEAN,  d3.js. My first introduction to programming was building WordPress sites, but I intend to never use PHP again. 


MySQL, MongoDB, Neo4j, Dynamo, Apache HBase, Cassandra.

Cognitive Computing

I use a combination of tools in NLP (i.e. NLTK), CNTK, Nengo, PsychoPy, as well as open-source tools for ASR and custom built libraries for spoken audio analysis and processing.


Days behind a computer, circular conference calls, and a stubborn belief that your strategy is flawless are not guarantees that what you build is of any actual value. I iterate fast, lean and often - prioritizing the importance of communication and feedback. Primary tools leveraged here are vocal chords and Gmail.